With some creativity and hard work, nearly almost any skill can be turned into a freelance job. The vibrancy and the entrepreneurial spirit of the California economy offers many opportunities for freelance work. 

If you are amongst those who want to explore their abilities, we have combined a list of the five best jobs for the upcoming and experienced Californian freelancers: 

1. SofTware Reselling

If you have the knack for selling products and services, then this job would suit you, it is one of the highest paid freelance job available.

How to get the job? Get into enterprise software reselling, with so many tech company's in California, the opportunities are vast, and software companies are always eager to get more clients. Partner with one and work on a commission basis, some of the contracts go beyond the millions, so a commission on an enterprise software sale can be highly lucrative. 

2. Website Design and Web Management

In order to survive in California, any given business needs a strong online presence and a visually pleasing website, for this reason website design and web management is a hot gig with ample opportunity. 

How to get the job? If you're technologically adept, learn how to use Wix or Squarespace, two content management systems that can help you build a site in not time without any coding skills. 


Having creative writing skills can pay off. Articles, blog posts, content for websites are necessary in order to improve a website's online visibility.

How to get the job? Start by developing a portfolio of published work, reach out to webmasters and ask if they are interested in free guestposts for their blogs, once you have a portfolio, you are more likely to be able to monetize your skills. 

4. Design

Graphic design, illustration, book cover design and such skills have good value for money.  If you're good with design software,  build a portfolio, showcase it online and voila! You have a business. 

How to get the job? There are a ton of opportunities out there? Don't look for the job on Craigslist, rather create the opportunity. If you think that you can improve a restaurant's Menu, a Business' logo, or a brochure. Contact the owners or managers and ask if they will accept a design proposal. 

5. Event Management

If you are a social person, have strong social media and PR skills, then this job might be the right for you. The gig involves promotion, planning and successful execution of a variety of events such as concerts, art exhibitions, cooking classes, wine tastings, educational seminars and much more!  

How to get the job? You can partner with businesses in your community and develop events for them, or you can create your own events and monetize off them. If you go for the latter, you might have to invest some money, but just remember that the good people people of California will pay good money for the right event!

Looking for a venue? We at the Crash Labs have an venue that's pretty much good for any type of event! For info. give us a call and we can get you set up in no time. 


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