As we transition into a new era, with new technologies and a promising new generation of creative workers, the definition of work has been re-defined by many through a new working philosophy.


Unlike a typical office environment, coworking spaces foster creativity and collaboration. Usually, members are not employed by the same organization and they are in many cases independent freelancers. Coworking is a style of flexible working, where socialization and idea sharing are core elements of a uniting philosophy.


Coworking offers a wealth of benefits for creatives. According to research, a whopping 70 percent of people who work in a coworking space feel healthier, 68 percent said they are more focused, and 71 percent feel more creative. Not bad going for a work set-up that was virtually unheard of only a few short years ago. The rise (and rise) of coworking is, in part, down to a younger crowd who favor a communal office environment over conventional office spaces.


Millennials prefer coworking


Millennials prefer coworking arrangements rather than a typical office environment. The reason? Young people crave flexibility and choice at work, something that coworking provides. Although coworking as a concept spans thousands of years, this relatively recent trend has skyrocketed in the last few years as millennials enter the job market. Coworking lets millennials share ideas, equipment and knowledge instead of being confined to a small, stuffy private office with little chance for communication.

Networking and brainstorming are two popular concepts in a plethora of contemporary industries — such as tech and marketing — and coworking spaces provide a base for creatives to converge and share collective experiences.


Millennials who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful


According to the Harvard Business Review, people who use coworking spaces are more likely to view their work as "meaningful." What does this mean for brands who employ remote workers? Increased productivity and a surge in engagement. The research suggests that, unlike a traditional office space, coworking spaces blend workers from different brands, and there's unlikely to be any office politics or internal competition as a result. In short, a coworking space can redefine a worker's philosophy and help them carve a unique identity.


Coworkers are able to bounce ideas off those who share the same space but, and because they are not confined to the objectives and restraints of a conventional employer, they are able to thrive in an environment that recognizes individuality. As coworking is increasing in popularity, many offices that offer this working environment attract startups and creatives. As a result, coworking spaces are often decorated with ergonomic furniture and have modern amenities.


Millennials who use coworking spaces relish communal working environments


Research suggests that millennials are likely to flourish in a coworking space, especially when they don't have an attachment to a private space like older generations. While baby boomers and Generation X might favor privacy, some millennials have consumed social media for the majority of their lives, sharing experiences and photos on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The younger crowd, it seems, has less of a problem with maintaining a private space, and relish working in a communal environment with groups of people in their niche. These spaces are perfect for freelancers and remote workers who are working on individual projects but still need the support of other people. Remote workers, for example, are still able to enjoy all the benefits of working in a large office — such as networking and engaging in social activities — but not have to answer to an employer, providing them with the best of both worlds.


Coworking is booming


It's not just millennials who are getting in on the action. The entire office landscape is changing as older generations recognize the need for an effective workplace. Cubicles and private offices are being phased out and replaced with contemporary coworking hubs where workers can utilize technology and collaborate as part of a bigger team. The future for coworking looks bright: according to research, the number of coworking spaces worldwide doubles every year. Workers view them in a positive light, too: the average coworker ranks their space 8.44 out of 10.


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