According to a recent study - conducted by Flexible Workspace Review - the culture of coworking and cosharing spaces has gained massive popularity in the mainstream US workforce over the past years.

The survey, which was carried out by Instant Group, further points towards the fact that this growing trend has been driven by the gradually changing demands of millennials who are currently entering the job market.

To add on that, the research also uncovered that coworking rose by an average of a margin of 10% across the U.S. in the past year alone (2015). And this is also tied to the fact that combined centers -which offer both coworking and executive suites- grew by more than 13% as key players sought to take maximum advantage of the rising demand for a revolutionary, agile and collaborative workspace.

That aside, the cumulative workspace market expanded by more that 4.3% and it is now made up of 3596 centers in the US alone. The UK comes second place by a narrow margin boasting some 3290 units of such similar spaces.

But let's retract a bit from the numbers. Where did this trend first start?

According to the CEO of Instant Group - the firm behind this research - the culture of coworking can be traced back to Silicon Valley, and its popularity in the mainstream corporate market has seen it expand to far-flung cities such as Sao Paulo, Rome, and Vietnam.

He also observes this from the fact that coworking got a head start from its early adoption by trailblazing media and tech firms that, in turn, did an excellent job in promoting this culture to both start-up and even other established competing firms.

While all this is no doubt impressive, what is even more surprising is the fact that the corporate demand for such agile workspace solutions is emanating from the workforce itself. For instance, the research unearthed that 67% of remote workers interviewed preferred coworking hubs over the usual coffee shops.

Social entrepreneurs have not hesitated to grab the opportunities that coworking hubs offer. This includes the likes of The Crash Labs, a coworking hub that has been leading the way in streamlining this newly-discovered culture.

Only time can tell how far this is going to go.