With the number freelancers on the rise, the need for interacting and socializing with others is becoming something that needs to be considered today, more than ever. 

Even though freelancers can enjoy huge degrees of flexibility, there are some drawbacks to the work structure: namely the lack of human interaction and career development that one might otherwise acquire from working in a traditional corporate environment.

Sometimes freelancers go days without seeing people, and this ... well, anyone can agree that it might not be the healthiest of situations. Social isolation is a woe common not only in freelancers, it's widespread to other worker-types, and the driving factor behind this is: technology. 

The more technology evolves, the further we distance ourselves from humanity. An example of how technology has put a dent into our social lives can be understood throuhgh the widespread growth of Social Media: the more some delve themselves into their social media channels, the further they distance themselves from the real world.


If you are a freelancer, and social isolation is becoming a duanting reality in your everyday life, the solution is simple – you can make the most out of a coworking space.

Coworking spaces provide more than just socialization and a sense of community, they are also an ideal place to find new business opportunities, collaborators, events, and career development seminars. 

Another proven benefit of coworking spaces is that they can help you boost your creativity, innovation, and differentiation. Meeting with other like-minded workers and exchanging ideas can most certainly incite your creative side: we all have one, but sometimes it's dormant and unexploited.  

And coworking is not just about making new business connections and networking, it's also about making new friendships and developing meaningful relationships that endure. While most traditional corporate offices have also isolated people from a personal social life, coworking spaces have done the opposite. 


The future of freelancing is brighter by the day. Independent workers are increasingly growing by the day. Coworking spaces offer them a long-term social solution for some of the minor drawback related to the work structure. 

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