Today it’s all about the ‘Millennials’! Millennials, Millennials, Millennials! It’s all I ever hear. Millennials are going to rule the world.  Well, that may be. I’m not one to argue, but one day they, too, will be like me, a ‘Tryennial’: Someone who has to try again, and again, and again to catch up to the whirling world of technology, spinning faster and faster into the unfathomable ether.

According to the Standard College Dictionary (given to me on my 17th birthday in 1968),   

“E-ther: n. … 3. A solid or semi-solid , perfectly elastic medium formerly assumed to pervade all of space … 4. The clear upper regions of the atmosphere or of space”. And by obvious extension, “Ethereal: adj. … 3. Not belonging to earth; celestial; spiritual: ethereal spirits.”

OK, this just sounds like ‘the Cloud’ to me. I wouldn’t know the difference. Whatever and wherever that ‘cloud’ might be, doesn’t it just pique the imagination trying to wrap one’s head around it? Yes, some of us have stretched further and further from our comfort zones to master just one more software  program with supposedly more ‘user-friendly’ bells and whistles, features we can’t live without, features that make us more efficient, more productive human beings.

Rather than being left in some cloud’s dust, I have to reach out and give hearty credit to those of us who keep trying to stay upright on that bucking mechanical bull that is technology. Many of us have just fallen off. “Nooo!  Not another device!  Can’t we just rest here a minute on our [many presumed] laurels and simply be happy that we’ve learned enough for one lifetime? I can text. I can Facebook. I can stop now, thankyouverymuch!”

Though I do understand those faint whispers of exasperation from others of us who have survivedthe waves of technology for the past [mumble mumble] number of years, I propose we are the valiant ones who continue trying to stay abreast of these mind-bending, rapidly-multiplying tech-tools of change.

Yes, Tryennials can often feel a sense of drowning in a sea of new verbiage, terms and acronyms. This is where Tryennials must make every effort to humble themselves to the kindnesses of strangers: Those Millennials all around us who can save us from ourselves and the frustration of feeling one click away from apoplexy.

The Tryennial’s long, illustrious past (in some archaic craft that got eaten up by technology 20 years ago) cannot help them now. Every painstakingly-learned skill that meant so much then, means nothing now in this world of Twitter, Instagram, Fiverr, Oculus Rift, or the latest, greatest software program out of Europe. Tryennials must look around and admit that the youngest person in the room knows best how to unscramble the mess they’ve made of their Smart Phone or Internet connection, and must try to ask for help. I find Millennials to be surprisingly kind and compassionate, even though I’d expect they’d be quite annoyed with having to engineer us out of the global mess we’ve left for them. We must try to imagine this new generation will be inspired to make it all better, with the technology they’re not afraid to master. True Tryennials try to be more like them.

Millennials may rule, but my hat is off to us Tryennials, who gird our loins, jump into the techy-fray, hold on tight, and enjoy this ride that is already the future!

Now! …. Tryennial Tip #1: Is it turned on /plugged in?