• CrashLabs | Plaza Sereno (map)
  • 234 E. 17th Street, Suite 117
  • Costa Mesa, CA 92627

As a new or established business owner, you’re bombarded daily with sales calls and pitches that all supposedly “help” your business. SEO, Website Design and maintenance, Google Adwords, Social media management, Yelp, video, graphic design, credit card processing and more. Do you really need to pay for all of these services to succeed and grow?! Are some more important than others?

At this months event we’ll take a look at what you need and what you don’t when it comes to marketing your business. Some of the topics we’ll cover are…

  • How to search through Fiverr efficiently to find someone who is right for you
  • The difference between Marketing and Advertising
  • Outside the Box Marketing Tips and Hacks
  • Different Marketing Strategies for the Holidays 

It’s going to be a fun night and a great chance to network! Oh, and of course there will be free beer, pizza, loads of Halloween Candy. Bring your business cards, questions and appetite for a night food, fun, networking and knowledge.

About the speaker: Ryan Heenan is a video marketer, entrepreneur and full time freelancer. He is a Top Rated Seller on the website fiverr.com and has made close to 6,000 sales on the platform.

This Meetup is presented in partnership with Fiverr: