• CrashLabs | Sereno (map)
  • 234 E 17th St Suite 117
  • Costa Mesa, CA 92627
  • USA


About the speaker: Ryan Heenan is a video marketer, entrepreneur and full time freelancer. He is a Top Rated Seller on the website fiverr.com and has made close to 6,000 sales on the platform.



In a constantly evolving economy, if you’re not utilizing the power of freelancing the correct way, you may be missing out on a lot of growth potential for your business. Whether you’re a freelancer looking to land more clients, a business owner looking to diversify your marketing efforts, or someone who is just getting started online, freelancing offers the best path to achieving your goals. 

In this Meetup, we’ll cover everything from freelancing basics to how to use freelancers to grow your business. So come join us at CrashLabs in Costa Mesa for a night of information, networking, free beer and pizza! Bring your business cards and any questions you have!

This Meetup is presented in partnership with Fiverr: