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Great news, CrashLabs community members! For March's "Grow You Business Through Online Freelancing", we are doing something new.
Why? Because you asked for it!

Dinnerand a website.png

Do you have a great idea for a business? Have you always wanted to build your own website? Have you tried looking into the next step only to find that it can cost thousands of dollars to build a professional website not to mention even more to maintain it every month?

Come join our event March 1st at 6:30pm and not only will you get free dinner and drinks, but you will leave with a completed and functioning website! This is an event for beginners. It is geared toward those with no website design experience. 

There is no cost to attend the event and dinner will be free.
All you need to pay for is the material costs (hosting + domain name). The cost will be approximately $70 and will cover a full year of your website. 

We’ll be setting up the website on the Wordpress platform.
You don’t need any programming or web design experience.
If you can write an email you’ll be able to build your website! 

We’ll be setting up the basics of a website including:

1. Your home page

2. About Page

3. Contact Page

4. Blog Page

You’ll learn how to manage and edit your website so you can make any updates at any time. Following this first night there will be monthly events that will cover different aspects of learning to manage your website. This will include getting a logo done and setting up social media.

Slots are limited so reserve yours fast!

About the speaker: Ryan Heenan is a video marketer, entrepreneur and full time freelancer. He is a Top Rated Seller on the website fiverr.com and has made close to 6,000 sales on the platform.

This Meetup is presented in partnership with Fiverr: