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It’s 2015 - and it’s a fact that original online content has helped thousands of startups, creatives, and businesses alike rapidly build their brand and grow their audience online. Join a teacher from CreatorUp to learn some great tips on how to tell your story, grow your audience, create great content, and market it all to a target audience that will engage with it and share it.  

About the speaker: Steven Wasserman has worked on numerous independent productions as director, producer, cinematographer, editor and writer. His work has been featured numerous international film festivals around the world. Steven also managed the Hanashi Oral History Program of the Go For Broke National Education Center which is dedicated to preserving the oral histories of American World War II veterans of Japanese ancestry. During his tenure with Go For Broke, Steven managed 100+ volunteers to conduct over 300+ broadcast quality interviews that are accessible to the public through the Education Center’s resource center, teacher training program, website and documentary projects.

Presented in partnership with CreatorUp:
CreatorUp was started by Mike and Sara, two USC Film School alumni who loved making new creative projects so much, they wanted to keep film school going every day. But they saw the entertainment industry changing at such lightning speeds from analog to digital, and knew they would have to find a way to keep learning fast to keep working in the world of media. Their solution to this rapidly changing digital landscape was simple: high quality instruction taught by working top industry professionals, offered affordably and conveniently. CreatorUp changes old education models to suit every type of learning style, schedule, and budget, always staying true to the hands on applied learning approach Mike and Sara had in film school. Thousands of students have already learned from CreatorUp about how to improve their creative skills, make new projects, and find more work in this exciting new creative economy. Will you be one of them?