• CrashLabs | Plaza Sereno (map)
  • 234 E. 17th Street, #117
  • Costa Mesa, Ca 92627

Topic: Freelancing and Lead Generation

So you have your website up and running…Now what? Just because you’ve built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. During this month’s event, we’re going to focus on lead generation and the different ways you can land new clients both online and offline.

We’ll discuss why your web presence is so important and the different tools you can use to generate leads. Some of what we’ll discuss includes

  • Content marketing - What kinds of content to write and how often all that good stuff.
  • Facebook Ads and Local Targeting
  • How to build and sell to an email list
  • Why you don’t need to pay an SEO agency to improve your search engine ranking
  • How to find freelancers to supplement your lead generation effort

    There will be free beer and pizza and other goodies for anyone who comes!

About the speaker: Ryan Heenan is a video marketer, entrepreneur and full time freelancer. He is a Top Rated Seller on the website fiverr.com and has made close to 6,000 sales on the platform.

This Meetup is presented in partnership with Fiverr: