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The Upside of Your Dark Side: how to embrace the stuff you hide.

At this month's TRUTH is the New Black we're going even deeper.
In fact, we're going dark. We're doing a bit of a reality check
and it's going to be SO good.
I hope you'll join me and my amazing featured guest ...

Annie Cataldo, founder of J-Loveline

... for this deep dive, that's essential to your business and your life,
because it's not about "good",it's about being, whole.

Annie and I are all about the "love and feeling really really good!"
That's who we are, at our core and we talk about that a lot.
But this month's TRUTH is dedicated to the other side. The shadow side.
That side that needs to be brought to the surface,
that needs to be explored and brought out into the light. 

I mean, who doesn't want love, grace, kindness, generosity, and positivity?
Who doesn't want to be, inspired? How great is it when you feel that way?
But what happens when you don't? What happens when things go off the rails?
When your heart is broken? When you're knee deep in grief, what then?
When your business partner or your client or your loved one, screws you over?
What happens when all that unmistakable goodness is actually holding you back?
What then?

We're going to be exploring the shadow side of things because,
although emotions like self-doubt, anger, guilt, fear, sadness, selfishness,
grief pain, may be uncomfortable (and at times intolerable),
they're also incredibly helpful and often, completely necessary.

When you stuff, deny, push down your darkness,
you prolong the return of your happiness. Be open to your true, dark emotions.
They need to surface. They need to breathe. They need the light.
Your happiness stands a better chance of returning to you,
sooner than you thought.   

Some things we'll be addressing and talking about: 

  • Dropping the mask of your persona (if it's not true, it doesn't serve you)
  • Honor your 'whole' self (the good + the dark)
  • Practice soul work + authentic living 
  • Fuck Repression! Why? Becuase the more you resist, the longer it lasts. 
  • Explore the parts you've been too afraid to look at. It leads to self-love + self-acceptance. 

Oh, this is going to be so good. Can't wait to see you! 

Your truth seeker, 

Shawn Marie xo


About Annie Cataldo + J-Loveline:

As the founder of J-Loveline, Annie Cataldo is a lifestyle entrepreneur
and a business stylist.
With a passion and aesthetic for fashion,
her never ending quest, for style and her non-negotiable
crusade 'good energy', Annie brought her 'lifestyle brand and philosophy'
to women and to entrepreneurs who, like her... crave more. 

J.Loveline is a business that's all about good vibes, beautiful environments,
spontaneous dance parties, and most importantly,
making people feel special. Annie believes that feeling good is the real objective
we're all searching for and more often than not…
it begins in the space we spend most of our time. “Where we work!”

With a business built on goodness and inspired by truth
her core company philosophy, and personal mantra is
"love+ good energy are always in style."

Learn more about Annie and J-Loveline at: http://j-loveline.com


About Shawn Marie

As a creative + strategic business development consultant,
Shawn Marie is a champion for entrepreneurs, for women, for artists,
and passionate professionals doing really meaningful work in the world.
She believes deeply that 'Business IS Personal' and she holds
the space for others to be empowered by that belief. 

About TRUTH is the New Black

TRUTH is a conversational + fireside style interview,
curated and hosted by Shawn Marie Turi. She has honest + captivating conversations
with savvy, creative, innovative entrepreneurs, fearless artists,
brilliant trailblazers, and benevolent rule breakers.

In a beautiful "SALES FREE" space, you get to be part of a genuine and inspiring
conversation that goes deep, gets real and gets to the TRUTH of it all.
The evening wraps with open 'all access' Q&A and there's no question off limits.
We can't wait to see you!

Love. Always.

Team SMT xo

Q's: email us: TRUTH@ShawnMarieTuri.com