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Hosted by Shawn Marie Turi | CEO / Strategic Business + Brand Development /
Business Consulting + Coaching + Wokshops at Shawn Marie Turi, Intl.

This month, Shawn Marie have two remarkable featured guests: 

Chef Jenny Ross
Restauranteur and Partner at 118 Degrees LA | Author of 5 books |
Raw Food Advocate |  Wellness Activist  | Teacher  


Sharyon Wynters

Partner at 118 Degrees LA | Author + Naturopath |
Actress | Wellness Advocate + Activist


The topic of this month is "Your Body! Your Business! Your Brand!" and we're asking and answering the Q: What does your body have to do with your business?
 The answer is: EVERYTHING!


These two remarkable women really know something about business!!
From running six and seven figure businesses to writing and getting published,
from doing what they're most passionate about to walking away from a dream because it's time,
from changing lanes to changing the world and doing it all while
"feeling (and looking) absolutely amazing".