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Hosted by Shawn Marie Turi | CEO / Strategic Business + Brand Development /
Business Consulting + Coaching + Wokshops at Shawn Marie Turi, Intl.

This month, Shawn Marie has the remarkably funny and talented guest,
who is a poet extraordinaire
Rick Lupert

Here's the message from Shawn Marie Turi:

"Our topic is "Creative Success: Getting it and Keeping it!"
and we're talking about what it "really" takes to get there,
doing the work (no matter what), passion vs motivation and so much more.

Rick has authored 17 books, ran the long running (weekly) Cobalt Reading Series
for nearly 21 years, founded "Poetry Super Highway",
is the CEO of Cat and Banana and that's just for starters.
There's been quite a 'fuss' made about Rick over the years
and if you want to find out why, then you'll have to be there.

You're also going to get a copy of Rick's newest book, 
Making Love to the 50-Foot Woman
and of course, our beautiful Black Bag.
You might ever hear some poetry.

Big love,
Shawn Marie xo

A few facts about our 'TRUTH Conversation Series' 
 +  Goodies + Drinks are served  
 +  The first 30 who RSVP receive our “signature ‘BLACK BAG’
 +  Our events are held in a beautiful sales free environment
 +  We believe "The Get is in the GIVE" and that  "Business IS Personal"

We'll see you there."