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Done is Better than Perfect.
(the art letting go. being fearless. making shit happen!)

This month, my featured guest is artist + painter, fearless entrepreneur + freedom seeker, Jenny Doh.

The topic of conversation is...

"Done is Better Than Perfect: A guide to making shit happen!"

Some things we'll be taking about are...

  • comparison kills creativity

  • getting over your fraud complex

  • freedom + going naked

  • how to be fearless 

  • falling in love with where you're at

  • creative inspiration - if you want it, go get it! 

  • getting past paralyzing perfectionism

  • why letting go can be so scary (and also sexy and completely liberating)

  • what it really takes to 'make shit happen'

Jenny is unapologetically honest, generous and savvy. Her talent shoots out the ends of her fingertips and she's as hilarious as she is creative. She celebrates life in all facets and you feel that the moment you walk into her studio. 

Some 'fun facts' about Jennny Doh:

  • She runs Studio Crescendoh in the Artist Village (DTSA)

  • She shows + sells her work and also hosts visiting artists 

  • She was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to the United States in 1974

  • She's an alumni of UCI + UCLA

  • She "loves" her some Instagram

  • She was recently interviewed by The Getty for their online magazine and she did a commissioned peice for them

  • She edits and produces books for book publishers

  • She has a huge crush on Louis CK (ummm... yeah! what's not to love!)

To take a look at Jenny's work and learn more about her before our event,  visit her site at JennyDoh.com or etsy.com/shop/jennydoh

I so hope you'll join us on May 11th for 'TRUTH is the New Black". You'll be so glad you did. You'll get goodies from me, from Jenny and from our amazing partners, including...

  • our signature black bag  

  • wine + goodies

  • soulful conversation

See you soon!

SM xo

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ABOUT Truth is the New Black

TRUTH is a conversational + fireside style interview, curated and hosted by Shawn Marie Turi. She has honest + captivating conversations with savvy, creative, innovative entrepreneurs, fearless artists, brilliant trailblazers, and benevolent rule breakers. As a creative + strategic business development consultant, she's a champion for entrepreneurs and women, she believes deeply that 'Business IS Personal' and she holds the space for others to be empowered by that exact idea. In a beautiful "SALES FREE" space, you get to be part of genuine and inspiring conversation thatgoes deep, get's real and get's to the TRUTH of it all. The evening wraps with open 'all access' Q&A, where there's no questions off limits. Yeah. We go there and we can't wait to see you! Follow @shawnmarieturi