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We're back and for this month's TRUTH is the New Black
and we're switching things up a bit.

The topic of conversation is...

"TRUTH is the New Black: Conversation + Workshop
{remember, you are worthy of your desires. you don't need their permission. xo}"


You're invited to join me, to circle up,
to 'talk' about what's really going on and what you desire most.
I'm hosting a workshop style "TRUTH conversation + incubator"
to help take action and get clear on
what it is that you "really really want!" 

My featured guest was not able to make it
and so I did what savvy creative women do.
Adapt. Change lanes. Make "lemonade".
I attended 'An evening with Danielle LaPorte's last week and it was magic!
It was charged with love and it prompted
'many' conversations (my favorite kind) that are still taking place a week later,
so I thought... let's do that. "Let's Talk!" 

So, bring your burning Q's. Bring your desires.
Bring your wants and your cravings.
Bring the things you are so ready to let go of
and the things you are so ready to bring to life.

You'll workshop one big ideaone essential TRUTH.
You'll start to loosen up the tightnessaround what's been holding you back.
We'll take an honest look at what you really want and how
you truly want to feel by years end. 

This "workshop style" TRUTH is the New Black is all about YOU.
About US. About what we want and what is required of us to have it.
Let's give birth + open up + bring to the surface our deepest desires.
Together, let's start the conversation and let's incubate some magic. 

  • We have 5-months left in the year. What do you really want?
  • Sync your goals with your heart 
  • Ask... "how do you actually want to feel?"
  • What are you 'waiting for?'
  • Celebrate + Expand + Declare
  • What are you tired of putting off? 
  • What is it that needs to be said?
  • Where are you heading and what are you making room for?  
  • What are you ready to "YES" to?
  • What MORE do you want? 

Join the 'Conversation!' Get your truth on. Let's Go! 

See you soon
Shawn Marie xo

About TRUTH is the New Black

TRUTH is a conversational + fireside style interview,
curated and hosted by Shawn Marie Turi.
She has honest + captivating conversations with savvy,
creative, innovative entrepreneurs, fearless artists,
brilliant trailblazers, and benevolent rule breakers.

As a creative + strategic business development consultant,
Shawn Marie is a champion for entrepreneurs and women,
she believes deeply that 'Business IS Personal'
and she holds the space for others to be empowered by that belief. 
In a beautiful "SALES FREE" space, you get to be part of
genuine and inspiring conversation that goes deep,
gets real and gets to the TRUTH of it all.
The evening wraps with open 'all access' Q&A,
where there's no questions off limits.

Oh yeah. We go there and we can't wait to see you!

Q's: email us @ TRUTH@ShawnMarieTuri.com